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Wheat Field


I consider it a privilege to assist others in exploring their relationship with God, noticing where God is at work in their lives, and inviting a deeper relationship with and awareness of the divine. I am an ordained pastor, with an M.Div. and an M.A., and have been trained in spiritual guidance and direction by Christian Formation and Direction Ministries from 2003-2005. I have an in person office in Hood River, Oregon. I am also available for direction via telephone and video conferencing. I spent 18 years of my ministry as a hospice chaplain and what I learned about myself and the divine informs my current practice.  


I see spiritual direction as a holding space for clients to look inward and connect with what is sacred. A person might use this time for deeper listening, in order to examine their intentions, reflect on certain spiritual experiences, and notice their inner life by utilizing their faith and beliefs. Many clients use spiritual direction to enlarge their attention to God's presence or the presence of what they believe to be their guiding power. Spiritual direction can make space to attend to our wounds and sources of fatigue.


After a period of evaluation, usually 1-2 sessions, we will discern together if our professional relationship is a good match for your needs. During the months to come, you may experience greater clarity, feel more grounded and develop an increased awareness of your spirituality.  My approach involves assisting individuals to lean into an expanded sense of spiritual wholeness.

I believe that the Spirit is the true director. The human companion is one who is trained to ask questions which will promote a sense of discovery and invite integration of healing and acceptance. My approach often involves spending time actively listening and being present to the spiritual seeker who has come to invite God's unconditional presence. I tend toward listening for the Spirit's guidance, and then assist the client to reflect on their current experience of life and discern a path forward. Certain methods that may be used in spiritual direction include journaling, daily examine (what was the best part and the hardest part of your day? where were you the most and the least aware of the divine presence?), lectio divina (focusing on a piece of scripture for deepening divine relationship) and reflection, where the client allows the self to relax into the presence of God/the divine more fully. Other methods may be used as well. 

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